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SimPraxis® is an interactive simulation software platform for medical training on a personal computer. SimPraxis training modules are designed to significantly advance the surgical knowledge, efficiency and competency of the surgical team and improve patient safety. The self-paced SimPraxis Trainers are a robust, elegant and an engaging way to learn. View SimPraxis Demo

SimPraxis employs interactive simulation and high-fidelity video to allow you to learn key surgical concepts and details of specific surgical procedures on your personal computer and at your own pace while providing meaningful and accurate assessment.

These SimPraxis modules are available on DVD (and run on Windows XP through Windows 8) as single-user licenses and as institutional licenses. Starting with the Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, SimPraxis Trainers are being release as iPad Apps via the App Store. Custom modules can also be developed for wide-scale deployment.

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